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23 февраля

Вах, паек отважного джигита

Что нужно настоящему джигиту в такой день? Хинкали со свининой и телятиной (4 шт.), Жареные хинкали с телятиной (4 шт.), сочный шашлык из курицы и вкуснейший шашлык из свинины. И какой же подарок без носков? Наши фирменные носки Супра с хинкали согреют не только тело, но и душу!

1380₽ / 1150gr.
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Грузинское застолье

Мы собрали все, без чего не обходится настоящее грузинское застолье:
жареные хинкали с телятиной (4 шт.), вареные хинкали с телятиной (4 шт.), хинкали с телятиной и свининой (4 шт.), Хинкали с креветками (4 шт.), сочные шашлыки из курицы и свинины и жаркое хачапури по-мегрельски с домашними грузинскими сырами. Ну и конечно же, фирменные носки Супра с хинкали!

2680₽ / 2350gr.
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Khinkali sets


Genatsvale, in this set khinkali from mutton and mutton with tarragon. Set for real dzhigits)

320₽ / 440gr.
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Wedgie Storey

When you do not want either meat or fish - cherry and mushrooms, your story, genatsvale)

320₽ / 400gr.
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Hit all graduations)
Khinkali with seafood: shrimp and scallop, its just impossible to come up with better

600₽ / 420gr.
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In Georgia, Svan  khinkali and pork and veal are considered traditional.
So to speak, Georgian classics, genatsvale.
Svan are slightly spicy and chopmeat.  Veal pork - tender, juicy, wow how good)
In a serving of 4 pieces, 2 pieces of each taste

320₽ / 440gr.
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Khinkali Luhari Village

In a set of 11 pcs.: Veal pork, Svanese, lamb, fried lamb, lamb with tarragon, veal, fried veal, scallop, shrimp, mushrooms and cherry

800₽ / 1120gr.
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Khachapuri Tom-yam

Khachapuri Tom-yam with seafood

290₽ / 231gr.
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Carbonar khachapuri

The winner in the nomination "Audience Award" - a boat filled with bacon and cream

290₽ / 240gr.
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Khinkali Tom-yam (done) 4pcs

600₽ / 400gr.
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Khinkali Tom-yam (raw) 4pcs

600₽ / 400gr.
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National pastry


Georgian Bread

The most delicious bread you have ever ate

80₽ / 230gr.
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Kubdari to an Old Svanetian Recipe

Celebrated Svanetian khachapuri with chopped veal seasoned
with fragrant Svan salt and Georgian spices

380₽ / 370gr.
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Penovani Puri

Crispy fluffy khachapuri made of puff
pastry with Sulguni cheese

350₽ / 280gr.
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Adjaruli Khachapuri

Bread in an open boat shape stuffed with Imeretian
and Sulguni cheese and topped with melting butter and
lightly cooked egg yolk. The best way to eat khachapuri
is with your hands, ripping off the sides of the boat and
dipping them into the oozy filling

370₽ / 430gr.
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Imeruli Khachapuri

Thinly rolled-out flatbread
stuffed with Sulguni cheese

360₽ / 410gr.
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Megruli Khachapuri

Circular flatbread stuffed with Imeretian
cheese and topped with Sulguni crust

380₽ / 410gr.
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Sping Onion and Garlic Khachapuri

Khachapuri - Circular flatbread stuffed with
Imeretian cheese and topped with Sulguni
crust, seasoned with fragrantonion and garlic

370₽ / 410gr.
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This you have not tried, genatsvale!
Chopped veal, seasonal tomatoes, basil, cilantro, dill.
Real jam!

490₽ / 650gr.
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Batumi Khachapuri

Lush khachapuri with farm cheeses, tomato sauce and
tarragon, so juicy, I swear by my mom (hand sign, wah, how

390₽ / 380gr.
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Грузинский вид хачапури, приготовленный из большого количества тонкого теста и сыра. Выкладываем слой за слоем, запекаем с томатами до золотистой корочки

250₽ / 250gr.
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@Шашлык из вырезки говядины

650₽ / 140gr.
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Mixed greens with sweet grape, Chechil
smoked cheese, seasoned dressing
and roasted flaked almonds

320₽ / 185gr.
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The taste of summer! Tomato trio with
fresh Imeretian cheese and purple
basil dressed with fragrant oil and
pomegranate juice

330₽ / 260gr.
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Crispy lettuce under specialtydressing with chicken
kebab chunks,cherry tomatoes, Sulguni cheese
and Borodinsky rye bread croutons

310₽ / 250gr.
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Fresh vegetables grown in a sunny land,
served with Tbilisi-style spicy nut sauce
regarded to be a national treasure of
Georgia and fragrant tarragon

350₽ / 270gr.
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Cold starters


Classic vegetable stew of eggplant,
tomato and bell pepper seasoned with
spicy herbs

310₽ / 235gr.
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Georgian Cheese Platter

Traditional Georgian cheeses:
milk and smoked Sulguni, milk and
smoked Chechil, fresh Imeretian
cheese with veggies and green

550₽ / 300gr.
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Eggplant rolls with fresh Nadugi
cheese, mint and rich tomato sauce

330₽ / 220gr.
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Thin slices of highly seasoned cured
beef with spices and herbs

490₽ / 185gr.
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Kartuli Supra

Assorted platter of pkhali, badrijani,
satsivi and sweet tsitsaka in nut sarti

470₽ / 400gr.
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Tomiko grandmother's pickles

Barrel pickles: tomatoes, cucumbers,
cabbage-gurian, garlic and other tasty

390₽ / 930gr.
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Tender chicken pieces in
aromatic spicy sauce made of
walnut and Megrelian spices

370₽ / 215gr.
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Amazing light appetizer to wine: thinly
rolled Sulguni cheese pockets filled
with fresh Imeretian cheese and mint

380₽ / 245gr.
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Sorrel soup with clear chicken
stock and boiled egg

270₽ / 380gr.
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Lamb Kharcho

Georgian thick spicy soup with lamb leg, herbs, rice
and Caucasian spices. Goes equally good as the first
and the main course, both for lunch and for dinner

540₽ / 470gr.
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Veal Kharcho

Traditional Georgian spicy soup with
rice, herbs, veal and Caucasian spices

390₽ / 420gr.
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Kakhetian Khashlama

Rich clear broth with herbs, garlic
and boiled veal chunks

390₽ / 450gr.
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Creamy soup of baked pumpkin with
crunchy pumpkin seeds and smoked
Chechil cheese

290₽ / 250gr.
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fragrant chicken broth with
mini lamb khinkali

290₽ / 350gr.
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Megrelian Ojakhuri

Family meal of roasted pork with
potatoes, tomatoes, ajika, Svan salt
and herbs

350₽ / 350gr.
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Fried chicken pieces in ripe tomato
sauce seasoned with onion and spices

350₽ / 270gr.
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Mouth-watering pieces of young
veal stewed with tomatoes, bell
pepper, onion, cilantro, garlic,
red ajika and chili

390₽ / 280gr.
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Chicken roasted to an age-old recipe of
Chkmeri village in cream sauce with red
ajika, garlic and Svan salt

370₽ / 200gr.
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Avlabari Dolma

Traditional dish of soft-salted
grape leaves stuffed with ground meat
and rice. Served with garlic sauce

320₽ / 200gr.
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Eggplant on charcoal with lamb and three types of cheese.
All juice in one plate!

350₽ / 330gr.
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Smoked beef, thinly sliced in a creamy sauce with mashed potatoes.
Only for a dear friend, cook, order, try

390₽ / 390gr.
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Mountain-style potato wedges
fried in butter with ajika

150₽ / 170gr.
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Grilled vegetables: sweet pepper, eggplant,
tomatoes and white onion; served with
spicy tomato sauce and lavash flatbread

180₽ / 200gr.
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Potato Kebab

mashed potatoes with cheese fried on the grill

150₽ / 130gr.
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Картофельное пюре

Такая родная, домашняя пюрешечка с маслицем ) Хорошо с шашлыком, люля-кебабом или с овощным салатом)

150₽ / 200gr.
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Home-made shortcrust pastry
nuts filled with Dulce
de Leche and walnut

330₽ / 220gr.
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Classic sweet and pride of Georgia made from thickened grape juice and walnut

150₽ / 80gr.
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Tea Set

(two churchkhela slices, two chocolate
salami slices and two pastry nuts)

350₽ / 130gr.
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Magnificent brushwood with walnuts and

290₽ / 210gr.
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Шоколадная колбаса

150₽ / 80gr.
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Supra sparkling water 0.5

150₽ / 500gr.
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Supra still water 0.5

150₽ / 500gr.
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Ред Булл

200₽ / 250gr.
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250₽ / 0gr.
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150₽ / 38gr.
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Thermo mug "Horn" of white color

2000₽ / 0gr.
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Wine lovers

Present from Georgia with love

1200₽ / 750gr.
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Вино "Джигит" 0,7мл

1200₽ / 700gr.
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2200₽ / 0gr.
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Mug "Supra"

1250₽ / 0gr.
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Spoon "Supra"

650₽ / 0gr.
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Earrings "Supra"

350₽ / 0gr.
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Magnet "Supra"

From Vladivostok with love )

150₽ / 0gr.
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Ароматизатор в машину "Новая машина"

50₽ / 0gr.
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Ароматизатор в машину "Океан"

50₽ / 0gr.
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Ароматизатор в машину "Утро"

50₽ / 0gr.
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Багажная бирка

100₽ / 0gr.
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2000₽ / 0gr.
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Сертификат подарочный 1000

1000₽ / 0gr.
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Сертификат подарочный 3000

3000₽ / 0gr.
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Сертификат подарочный 5000

5000₽ / 0gr.
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